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Survey on Italian vacation rentals

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Italy is a world-acclaimed tourist destination, and millions visit especially during the good season (April - October). There has been so far though scarce information on the tourists' degree of satisfaction. A survey shows surprising results.

Until now the only reports from tourists visiting Italy was done mainly through their feedback in popular travel websites (Frommers, Fodors etc.). Yet it was mainly in the form of reviews, whose reliability are quite difficult to control.  You found enthusiast reviews along with reports of horror stories, accounts which appeared dependable, yet too piecemeal to have an overall picture, and also reviews which looked like fairy tales, in which arguably the agency and the writer were in cahoots.

To fill the gap, we thought of preparing a survey among 120 travelers to Italy. We selected on purpose travelers over tourists, as they tend to stay longer and they are more knowledgeable of the country. We asked 40 e-mail address of clients of 10 popular agencies marketing their properties respectively in Rome, Florence and Venice, the three most important Italian destinations. We first wrote to all the 400 members if they were willing to participate in the survey, and we asked extensive information on their experiences. Out of the batch of 40 participants sent from each agency, we chose 10 which appeared to be fair and objective, and unrelated to the agency with whom they had rented. We then invited them to take the survey, of which the following are the results:

In Rome, the agency which was more praised was Roman Homes. App. 80% of their clients resulted being "very pleased" with the properties they rented, 18% found them to be "as shown in their website", and only 2% reported that the property they rented "might be improved".  Nearly 90% of the participants found the staff members very professional and dependable, and 85% were particularly pleased with the extensive e-mail feedback before they rented.  The survey also shows that 83% used the side services organized by the agency (guided tours, excursions, cook service etc.), and notably 30% say that this aspect is the reason making them possibly rent again from this agency. Notably, the agency sprung from Rome University, and the founders' philosophy is to enable visitors the world over appreciate the Italian hospitality.

In Venice, Venice Rentals, an agency run by an Italian American couple - Maurizio and Denise - already renowned for their fine and caring service (for which it is recommended by all major tourist guide, such as Rick Steven's, Fodors etc.) proved again to deserve their popularity. Clients particularly were enthusiast of the degree of reliability and service of the agency, which features a 24/7 emergency support over the phone.

In Tuscany, a new entry in the celebrated region with its myriads resorts appears to have gained the clients approval. It is the Borgo Santa Maria villa rental. This charming and characteristic Tuscan villa, surrounded by fine typical landscape, and endowed also with pool, offers a top-notch service, yet it is highly appreciated for the human touch of the service, delivered by the most caring owners Mr. and Mrs. Modoni-Marcato, originally from Bologna.

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