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Tourist assistance: a unique service for Roman Homes customers!

We give free professional advice to visitors of our site enquiring about Roman rentals and asking for some guidance. The advice is about property, and location information, news about the town, and general tourist planning. At this stage, the attention is primarily though on the rental, and tourist information is given only as a part of the discussion of the rental enquiry.
Only for customers reserving a property, who have thus finalized a rental contract with us, a more SPECIFIC, PROFESSIONAL, INDIVIDUAL and FREE tourist information service is given. A PROFESSIONAL TOURIST GUIDE will reply to your questions about: tourist events, transport, weather, general information etc.
Please consider that the tourist guidance must refer to the location (town or area) where you will be renting the property, and to all related matters. Please do not ask us for ex. information about the Alps, or Sicily if you rent a property in Rome.


Customers can both call and write to us, and a qualified tourist guide of Roman Homes will be at your disposal. When you contact the tourist guide, you should kindly mention that you require the "Free tourist guidance service". Please make the assistant recognize you, by mentioning your NAME, and also the property you are renting.


BEFORE RENTING YOUR PROPERTY (hence before arriving in Rome or at your property), please call during the following days and time:

Monday and Thursday, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. of *Rome time*.
From Europe: 0039 06 4393313 (or: Italy area code + 064393313).
From the U.S.A.: 01139 06 4393313
If you call from Italy (including from Rome) the n. is 064393313.

064393313 Monday to Friday, and also on Saturday morning:

- In the morning between 8.30 until 12:30 p.m.
- In the afternoon between 4-7

If you do not require tourist information, but you have serious problems with your property, you can also call at night between 9:30 - 10:30 p.m. A cell phone number will be given to you in case you will have major problems, or when we are out of our office for some reason.

Please respect the timing (day and time). If you call in different days / time the service will not be available.


Please call only at the recommended time! Thank you.

The little electric bus 117, going around the centre, very practical, and just so cozy

(2) Before arriving in Rome, or at your property, you can also WRITE at the following address:

The professional tourist guide will reply to you as soon as possible, generally still with the bi-weekly timing.

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