To call us by telephone   Please call only at the recommended time! Thank you.

Because we supply free individual assistance by E-mail, we are constantly overloaded of work. If you call us to enquire before arriving in Italy during normal working hours you would saturate our possibility to work. We also prefer e-mail feedback, as we think it is the most informative, accurate and cost effective way to communicate. Please call us when you are out of Italy or before arriving at your property:
- only in case of sheer emergency (your plane is late, you are arriving tomorrow etc.), and NOT to enquire. If you want to enquire, please fill in the detailed form you will find here, and to which we will reply swiftly.
- do it during certain times of the day.

TIME TO CALL: Please call only (Rome, Italy time):

- In the morning between 8.30 and 10.30 AM
- In the evening between 5 and 6 PM
- At night between 9.45 and 10.15 PM.
Welcome from all over the world! Please pay attention though to Rome's time. Rome time is:
- 1 hour ahead of the UK time (for ex. London)
- 6 hours ahead of Eeastern Standard time (for ex. New York)
- 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard time
- 9 hours behind Western Australian time (for ex. Sidney)

Please do not call on Saturday afternoon, evening or night, on Sundays and holidays.
If you find the line busy, please call after a few minutes. We are sorry of not being able to process calls at different hours.

When customers will be in Rome (or Italy), and will be hence at that stage tenants in the properties, they will be able to call for assistance at the same phone number during the following hours:

- In the morning between 8.30 until 12:30 pm
- In the afternoon between 4-7 pm
- At night between 9.30-10.30 pm
(for serious problems please).    On Saturday afternoon, Sundays and holidays please call only for real emergencies.  Please remember to follow the above timetable.

If you are already a Roman Homes customer, and you require a *more specific, individual, professional and free tourist guidance before arriving in Rome (or at your property)*, please click here.

If you call from out of Italy our number in Rome is:   Please call only at the recommended time! Thank you.

From Europe: 0039 064393313 (or: Italy area code + 06 4393313).
From the U.S.A.: 01139 064393313
If you call from Italy (including from Rome) the n. is 064393313.

As you can see, we can receive your calls generally before or after our normal working hours. Only this way we will be able to do the remaining work, in which we correspond mainly by E-mail. By E-mail in fact we supply an accurate individual assistance, which is time consuming. As mentioned, we believe that E-mail is the most efficient, informative and cost effective means of communication. It does not make us interrupt the work we are carrying in that specific moment (an e-mail can be read when we end that specific work), and it allows us to reply to each enquiry with all the info required after having checked well all possible information.
To explain to us your requirements, your preferences and your situation, please fill in our detailed and simple
Enquiry Form to Roman Homes (click).
It is even simpler and more complete than writing an e-mail.

If you still want to call us, please make sure you do it during the above mentioned hours. Thank you.

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