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How to use a phone
Long distance

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How to use a phone

In Italy, like in any European country, you pay every call, even local ones. The following are the fares:
Between 8 AM and 6.30 PM you pay one unit (200 Ital. Lira, app. 11 US cents) every 3 min. and  40 sec.. During the remaining time you pay one unit every 6 min. 40 secs.

Long distance.

If you call directly it is quite expensive. Calls are timed, and there is still the units logic. More the place you are calling is far, and less time you have for a unit. It also depends on which time you are calling: more you do it during business hours and more the call is expensive (less time you have before you pay a unit).
The bottom line: try to call at night after 10 PM when the fare is reduced to 50%, or use your calling cards, and bill it to your account in your country.

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