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Restaurants and Pizzerie
Internet points, e-mail service
Laptop  rentals
Car and scooter rentals
Mobile phone rentals
Cheap phone calls to the USA
Fax service, mailboxes

Borghese Museum phone reservation
Nero's Domus Aurea phone reservation
Florence (Firenze): Galleria degli Uffizi phone reservation
Ticket Agencies
Walking tours
Religious Service in English
Emergency - Hospitals
Baby sitter
English language films and theatres

Internet points

They charge around L. 5,000 Ital. Lira (app. 2.5 US$) for 30 minutes. They are mushrooming all over Rome:
Trastevere area: Via dei Fienaroli 27/8 (tel.065884097 / 065814534). Bus to Piazza Sonnino (for ex. tram 8 from Largo Argentina). Open 11am-midnight Tue-Sun; 5pm-midnight Mon. Credit cards accepted.
Via Nazionale-Termini area: (A)  "Centro Turistico Studentesco (CTS)". Via Genova, 16 (tel. 064679271). Buses to Via Nazionale (for ex. 64). Open 9am-1pm, 3-7 pm, Mon-Fri; 9am-1pm Sat. No credit cards.
(B) "Internet point". Via Gaeta, 25 Tel. 06478238662. Buses to Termini (it is near to the Northern part of Piazza dei Cinquecento). E-mail service, room with satellite aerial TV. English speaking staff. No credit cards.
San Lorenzo area: "Internet Cafè". Via dei Marrucini (a very short street, you will find it on the left downhill). Bus to San Lorenzo (492 stops right in front, also 71). Same fares, no credit cards.
Coliseum-Monti area: (A) "Internet Cafè". Via Cavour, 213 (tel. 0647823051). Metro line B, Cavour stop, also buses 27 and 117. E-mail, AOL Netmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail. As low as 2,500 Ital. Lira (app. 1.4 US$) for 15 minutes. Also scanner/printer, fax, international phone services. A ten hour card will cost you 60,000 Ital. Lira (app. 33 US$). 
This shop offers a 10% discount to Roman Homes customers: you must show either a rental contract or our business card to benefit from it.
(B) "Internet Center ESA.NET- ESAGRAFICA". Via della Polveriera, 12 (tel. 0647823609 - fax 064885197). Use of PC: 10,000 Ital. Lira (app. 5.6 US$) per hour, 6,000 Lire (3.3 US$) for 30 minutes. Ten-hour PC card costs 90,000 Ital. Lira (app. 50 US$). E-mail: 2,000 Ital. Lira to send or receive + hourly rate for use of PC. Card: 15,000 Ital. Lira monthly + hourly rate for use of PC. Printing service.
(C) "Internet Point". Via del Boschetto, 127 (tel. 0647824741, fax. 0647880210). The fare is 7,000 IL (app. 4 US$) for 1/2 hour, and 10,000 IL for one hour (app. 5.5 US$). The point has fast ISDN access. Also international calls worldwide.
Pantheon - Piazza Navona area: "The Net Gate", Piazza Firenze 25. Tel. 066893445. One hour will cost you 10,000 Ital. Lira (app. 5.3 US$). You will be given a "time card", so you will pay only the time you really use.

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Laptop (portable computer) rentals

We advise against renting a laptop in Rome. Very few shops do it. If you call them the phone is frequently busy. When you to the shops expect to find many customers, so you will have to wait. They usually ask a consistent security deposit. The best one we found is:

OLAM Computers: Via Giovanni Mingazzini 18. Tel. 06 4440077 (when you hear a recorded message, dial 10. Closed of weekends). Ask of Mr. Teshuba. The laptop will cost you app. 150 US$ weekly. It is completely equipped to hook to the internet. If you finally manage to speak with them at the phone, they could possibly deliver it to you at your apartment or hotel. Make sure that they explain to you the cost of the security deposit, and the way you will be able to leave it (US$ cash, traveller's cheques etc.). 

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Car and scooter rentals

AUTOEUROPA. Rent everything from convertibles, sports cars, jeeps, sedans, minivans, motorcycles and mopeds to car transfers with chauffeurs. Vehicles are delivered and picked up from any address. Open Mon.- Sat 8am-1pm. Via Calabria, 11. Tel. 0642019014, 0642019028. All credit cards accepted.
HAPPY RENT. Scooter, car and motorbike rent at convenient prices. There are two offices: one at Piazza di Spagna and the other 100 m. from Termini station. Via Farini 3, Tel. 064818185. Fax: 064818185. All credit cards accepted.
SCOOT-A-LONG. Bike, scooter and motorcycle rentals near the Roman Forum. Full insurance included in the price. Open every day 9am - 8pm. Via Cavour, 302. Tel. 066780206.

SCOOTER CENTER. Scooters for rent by the day, bike insurance included. Near the Parliament and Via del Corso. One day 80,000 Ital. Lira (app. 50 US$), three days 200,000 Ital. Lira (app. 120 US$). Open daily 9am - 7.30 pm. Via in Lucina 13/14. Tel. 066876455. All credit cards accepted.

St.Peter Moto


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Mobile (cellular) phone rentals.

Of all the services we tried, we think this is the most efficient and cost-effective.
"EMEF" of Fanuel Morelli, in Via San Nicola da Tolentino 58, near Piazza Barberini (trasport: Metro line A there is a stop nearby, and also bus 492, 62). Tel. 064745434 Fax 06744918.
Fares: Daily 15,000 Ital. Lira (6.8 US$), plus the cost of the phone calls you make (cell phone calls are more expensive than ordinary ones). You will have to leave a security deposit of 200,000 ITL (app. 180 US$), returned at the end when you reconsign the telephone.

Cheap phone calls to the USA.

If you want to call in a very inexpensive way to the USA, this service enables you to pay 38 cents per minute rate. You should call the company in Italy: 0348-4102404. The company will ask you your credit card number, and they will evaluate and bill your phone calls at the end. No hidden charges, no sign-up fee, no monthly fee.
Fax: 08185112210. E-mail:

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Fax service, mailboxes

Generally all "copisterie" (photocopying shops) have an incoming and outgoing fax service. Some "tabacchi" (tobacconists) and some "cartolerie" (stationers) will send and receive faxes, and also have photocopiers. We will list only a few in different parts of the centre:
Tecnoroma. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 337a (phone/fax 06 6864354). Bus to Corso Vittorio Emanuele (64, 62). open 8.30 - 1pm, 3.30-7pm, Mon-Fri. No credit cards.
World Translation Service. Via del Viminale 76/78 (tel. 06 4881039/ 06 4825986; fax 06 4746655. Metro Termini, bus to Via Cavour (for ex. 27). Open 9am-7pm Mon-Fri. No credit cards.
WTC offers a translation service, cutprice international calls and a remarkably cheap fax service at around 1,000 Ital. Lira (60 cents) per page, plus the phone units used.
Xeromania. Via San Francesco a Ripa, 109 (tel. 06 5814433 / fax 06 5817506). Tram to Viale Trastevere (for ex. n. 8 from Largo Argentina). Open 9am-1pm, 3.30-7.30pm, Mon-Fri; 9am-1pm Sat. No credit cards.
"Mail Boxes Etc". If you need to rent a mail box, it is next to impossible in a public post office. In fact they are very cheap and very requested, and so you have to wait on a list for a long time. You must also provide references, or an official reason, to the post office managers to have one.
A solution can be "Mail Boxes Etc. ", in Via dei Mille, 38/40 (Tel. 4461945 - Fax 06/4451338). It is very near Termini station. You can rent a mailbox (of various size) with 24 hours/7 days a week access. The attentive and honest shop owner, Mr. Romano Alberti, together with his enthusiast team, provides many other services: fax service (send or receive), overnight documents and packages, professional packing service, message-receiving, Money Transfer (Western Union), binding, laminating, business cards and letterhead printing, office supplies, shipping supplies, and as they say "Etc., Etc., Etc". Even us of Roman Homes use their service when we want to be sure that things are done well.
The e-mail address of Mr. Romano Alberti is: Tell him that you were reffered by Roman Homes.

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Borghese Museum

To reserve this phenomenal Museum in the Villa Borghese (Borghese Gardens), with masterpieces (sculptures and paintings) of the Bernini father and son, Raphael, Ghirlandaio, Rubens, Pinturicchio etc. etc., you have to reserve, or during most of the year you will not make it to enter. So to avoid surprises, you can call the reservation office at: 06 328101 (dial 01139 before from the USA). A multilingual staff will process your reservation, and you will be able to choose the language. You will be enabled to choose the day and the time you want to visit. You will be assigned a code, and with that you must present yourself one hour before the scheduled time to purchase the tickets, or you will lose your reservation rights.

Emperor Nero's Domus Aurea

After 1,950 years the most fabulous residence of Emperor Nero opened again. It was built after the fire of Rome, and it is probably the largest and richest residence of all times. We know much about it from the description of the writers of those days. Despite Nero fell in disgrace and Trajan built his residence on top, the residence is still a wonder to visit. To avoid surprises, it is better to reserve. Tel. 199199100 for reservations (dial 01139 before from the USA). Choose the day and time you want to visit depending on the availability. You will be assigned a code (the first three letters are the first of your name), and you must present yourself 30 minutes before the scheduled time to purchase the tickets, or you will lose your rights. The operator will ask you to choose between guided tours (19,000 Ital. Lira - app. 10 US$, also in English), or without a guide (12,000 Ital. Lira, app. 6.5 US$). In the latter case there are audiovisuals that you can rent (3,000 IL, app. 1.5 US$). The Domus is open from 9 AM until 8 PM in Summer. For information, dial 064815576, the automated Italian voice will prompt you to dial different numbers for the relevant services. Dial n. 1, and wait for the operator to show up. They speak a simple English.

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Florence (Firenze): Galleria degli Uffizi phone reservation

The Galleria degli Uffizi is the most visited Italian site, rightfully as it has an unbelievable collection of Renassaince masterpieces. For the very same reason, it is better to reserve by phone before going there, especially if you are thinking to make a one day trip to Florence. In fact, while Florence's sites can be visited in one day (obviously not in depth), if you do not reserve in advance the Galleria degli Uffizi you are likely to wait in long lines to purchase the tickets possibly not to find any available. To reserve, call 055294883 (dial 01139 before from the USA, or 0039 from Europe). You can reserve a day and time you want to visit, and then you must present yourself to the box office at the time the operator will inform you about.

Ticket agencies

Box Office. Via Giulio Cesare, 88 (tel. 06 37351589). Metro Lepanto. Open 3.30-7pm Mon; 10am-7pm Tue-Sat. There is a branch also in Via del Corso, 506 (tel. 063612682). No credit cards.
They sell tickets for most concerts, theatres and sporting events in Italy. There is a "Prenoticket" service (0652200342) which allows you to reserve tickets and pay by credit card. The reservation fee is 12 per cent of the ticket price.

Orbis. Piazza Esquilino, 37 (tel. 06 4827403). Metro Termini/bus to Piazza Esquilino. Open 9.30am-1pm, 4-7,30pm, Mon-Fri. No credit cards. Also in this established agency you can find tickets, theatres and sporting events in Italy.

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Walking tours

Specialized agencies include:
Secret Walks in Rome. Via Medaglia d'Oro, 127 (tel. 06 39728728). Anglophone actors and residents lead daily walks around the less well-known sights of Rome. Membership fee of 3,000 Ital. Lira and walks cost 20,000 It.L. each, with a 20% discounts for students, while accompanied children under 12 go free.
Scala Reale Archeological Itineraries. Via Varese 52 (tel.: 06-4451477). Metro/Bus to Termini. Founded by an Tom Rankin, an American and his Italian wife, the company offers walking tours around the city, as well as trips further afield.
They also have a web site: Tom Rankin is a dedicated professional, and will be able to respond to all your queries and problems. His e-mail address is:
Rom(ing) Tour. Walking tours in English. The tours are: Ancient Rome, Catholic Rome and on Wednesday for audiences with the Pope. Tel. 06-44461958 - 0649380534
Enjoy Rome. Via Varese, 39 (tel. 06 4451843). Metro/Bus to Termini. Daily walking and cycle tours for small groups of Rome's major sites. The fare is 30,000 It. L. (26,000 It. L. for under 26s).

Religious service in English

CatholicChurch of Saint Thomas and the Most Holy Trinity, in Via di Monserrato 45, near Piazza Campo de' Fiori. On Sunday the service is at 10 a.m.
Anglican: Church of St. Paul with the Wall, in Via Nazionale, and Church of St. Martin, in Via del Babuino.

Emergency - Hospitals

Every big hospital in Italy has a 24-hour first-aid service. If you can go on your own, go to the emergency room (Pronto Soccorso in Italian). If you need an ambulance, call 118 (Health emergency) and try to speak in simple Italian or very slowly in English to the operator. Alternatively, call 113 (general emergency). The service (ambulance, emergency room, medication given locally) are all FREE if you are a EU citizen. In Europe, unlike in the US, every citizen has the right to benefit from every effort made from the society to guarantee his/her health, and for free. If you are not a EU citizen, theoretically you should pay, yet the Italians are generous and hospitable, particularly for such matters as health, and in general will not make you pay.
Considering the language difficulty, and that in the large majority of cases you will not need an emergency room, we recommend the following medical services, all with English speaking personnel and medical doctors.
(1) International Medical Center, via Giovanni Amendola 7. Tel. 064882371. During night or weekends: 064884051. They have a 24-hour duty (English spoken). They can send a qualified and dedicated GP to visit you in your apartment or hotel anywhere in Rome. They charge a modest fee (around 40,000 ITL app. 18 US$ or 12 UKP or 20.65 Euros). They can possibly contact other specialists, and make them visit you at your apartment or hotel.
(2) MEDI-CALL, Studio Medico, Via Salaria 300, Palazzina C, interno 5. Tel. 068840113. It too can arrange for qualified doctors to make a call to your actual place of residence. The GP will possibly refer you to a specialist if needed. Fees begin from 100 US$ per visit, and can increase if a specialist or specialized treatment is required.
(3) Rome American Hospital, Via Emilio Longoni 69. Tel. 0622551, with MD on duty 24 hours.
(4) Salvator Mundi International Hospital (Viale delle Mura Gianicolense 67. Tel. 06588961. It is privately run clinic, with English-speaking doctors. It is good if you live in the Janiculum, or Trastevere.
You can also call the U.S. Embassy, tel. 0646741, or your embassy if you are not American. They will provide a list of doctors who speak English (or your language).

There is an Italian 24-hour G. Eastman Dental Hospital, in Viale Regina 287, tel. 06844831. It is usually crowded, so if you can, call your Embassy (number above), who will give you a list of Enligh-speaking dentists. You may have to call in order to get an appointment.

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  Baby sitter

A professional baby sitter service is available for Roman Homes customers. It will cost you 20,000 Ital. Lira per hour (app. 9.5 US$). Please enquire.


You can have at your disposal an interpreter from English into Italian and viceversa. The service is available only for Roman Homes customers, and it is being implemented to other languages. The fares vary depending from the subject. From 25,000 Ital. Lira (14 US$) to 70,000 Ital. Lira (app. 39 US$) per hour depending on the complexity and competence required on the subject, if specific preparation is required on the subject etc.

English language films

Pasquino Cinema in Piazza Sant'Egidio 10 (Trastevere quarter). Tel: 0658333310. There are three halls with different movies. Call before to know which ones they are playing. Price: 12,000 ITL (app. 5.5 US$ or 3.6 UKP or 6.2 Euros).

Theatre in English

You will find it on Friday nights at the Arte del Teatro Studio, Via Urbana 107 (Monti quarter). Info: 064885608. A series of one act comedies by Anton Checkov (including "The proposal", "The bear", "The Evils of Tobacco") are performed at 8 pm every Friday night at 8 pm, followed at 10 pm by "Take Ten", a series of 10 minute comedies.


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