(Recommended) season events: December

Selected season events: December

TRAVIATA of Giuseppe Verdi  

Teatro S. Luca. Via Renzo da Ceri 136, Tel. 0666017910. Price: 45,000 ITL. The performances will only occur on Dec.: 2-6-9-13    Time. 8:30 PM.


New Year Concert. Mugi Orchestra conducted by Maurizio Petrollo. Teatro S. Luca. Via Renzo da Ceri 136. Tel. 0666017910. Choir of the Nuova Accademia Musicale Mugi. Price. 25,000 Itl and 35,000 Itl. Time 4pm. 1st January. Pieces of Ciaikovski, Strauss, Verdi and Rossini.


Over ninety works by Russian artists Wassily Kandinsky, regarded by many as the originator of abstract art and the forerunner to many of subsequent artists. Where: Complesso del Vittoriano (the monument dedicated to Victor Emanuel II in Piazza Venezia). The entrance is on its left side, where there is a little street: Via S. Pietre in Carcere (where the jail of St. Peter could be found). Tel.: 066780664.
When: 9:30 am - 8 pm; Fri-Sat: 9:30 am - 11pm; Sundays: 9:30 am - 8:30 pm. Until 3rd February 2001.
Cost: 12,000 ITL (appr.  5.5 US$ or 3.63 UKP or 6.2 Euros).

From Rodin to Picasso.

Exhibit. Museo del Corso, Via del Corso 320, Tel. 066789209. Price: 12,000 ITL. Times: 10 am until 8 pm. Monday closed. Until the 4th of February.


Exhibition, at "Fondazione Memmo", Palazzo Ruspoli, in Via del Corso 418. Tel.: 066874704. Times: 9:30 am - 7:30 pm Sat. 7:30 am - 8:30 pm. Cost 15,000 ITL (app. 7 US$ or app. 4.5 UKP or app. 7.74 Euros).


The exhibition is dedicatd to the history of the famous Italian aperitifs, with photos, posters, and objects.
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194. Tel. 064745903. Times: 10:00 am - 9:00   pm.
Cost 15,000 ITL (app. 7 US$ or app. 4.5 UKP or app. 7.74 Euros).


Sandro Botticelli and the Divine Comedy. Some 90 illustrations by the Florentine artist for Dante's "Divine Comedy", as well as a selection of other paintings and sculpures. Where: Scuderie Papali al Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio, 16.
Times: 10:00 am - 8 :00 pm. Thurs., Fri. and Sat. 10:00 am - 9:00 pm.
Cost 15,000 ITL (app. 7 US$ or app. 4.5 UKP or app. 7.74 Euros).  Closed Tuesday. Tel. 064745903.


An exhibitions of textiles by the nomads of the Beluchistan desert which lies across Pakistan and Iran. Where: Galleria Akka, Via Pie' di Marmo, 13/14. Open 10am - 1pm; 5-8 pm. Admission free. Tel. 066792066.


You will find it on Friday nights at the Arte del Teatro Studio, Via Urbana 107 (Monti quarter). Info: 064885608. A series of one act comedies by Anton Checkov (including "The proposal", "The bear", "The Evils of Tobacco") are performed at 8 pm every Friday night at 8 pm, followed at 10 pm by "Take Ten", a series of 10 minute comedies.

West Side Story: Musical written nearly 50 years ago by Leonard Bernsteinm performed by the Gsteborg Opera in Englishg with Italian subtitles. Teatro Brancaccio, Via Merulana 244. Time 8:30 pm. Price (50,000/ 80,000 ITL app. 23-36 US$). Tel. 064855498.

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