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Room rentals in Rome Italy

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This section is dedicated to room rentals, i.e. about rooms in shared apartments.  If you are interested instead in renting an independent apartment or house we advise to visit the other sections of the site (index at the left).

The rooms are in apartments of graduates or of scholars with Ph.D. (sometime simply of decent and educated persons) who we esteem for their human qualities, hospitality and language skills. You will be in general the only guest. The rooms only in limited cases have a personal bathroom, usually it is shared. You are usually allowed to use the kitchen, provided that you are polite.
These accommodations arise from our tradition of hospitality of University Doctors and Professors. It developed later also as a holiday rental/ short-long term rental service.
The host/hostess (responsible) of the apartment will be hospitable and work as a tutor helping you in your little daily problems or questions, if asked. A decent and friendly attitude is required from guests.

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Santa Maria in Trastevere


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Room rentals in Rome Italy, rent rooms in Rome Italy