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The Roman Forum (left) and Capitol hill (right) seen from Via Cavour.

This panoramic photo was taken from the belfry of the Church St. Peter's in Chain (or San Pietro in Vinculi).  The palace immediately to the left is the Comune, or Rome's Municipality since ancient times. It is situated on Capitol Hill, the most important hill in Rome, giving its name also to the one in Washington (!). It includes the  Mayor's office, but also the Museo dei Conservatori, which hosts the original statue of Marcus Aurelius, and other important palaces, used for conventions. 

To its left, in the forefront, you can see the church built on top of St. Peter's jail (Mamertino), then the arch of Septimius Severus, the Curia or ancient Rome Senate, the Sacred Way or Via Sacra, the remains of the Basilica Julia. The hill to the left is the Palatine.    

The Pantheon quarter      

 The Piazza Navona - Via della Pace quarter

The Campo de' Fiori quarter      

The Jewish quarter

The Trevi Fountain-Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna quarter)        

 The Trastevere quarter

The Monti quarter          

 The Vatican quarter    

 The Janiculum

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