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The selling price is 450,000,000 Ital. Lira (app. 225,000 US$ or  232,405 Euros), which includes the agency commission. It does not include minimal taxes required for property sales in Italy.

Should furnitures be included, the selling price will then be 480,000,000 Ital. Lira (app. 240,000 US$ or 247.900 Euros).

It is a good investment, as presently property in good locations of the Italian Riviera costs 10 million Lira per 1 sq. meter (e. app. 5,165 Euros or 5,000 US$ per 10 sq. feet). The apartment is 73.2 Sq. Mts, the terrace is about 40 Sq. Mts., the balcony is 9 Sq. Mts. (1,5 x 9 Mts., appr. 92 Sq. Ft.), the garden is 105 sq. Mt. (1,050 sq. Ft.). There is also a parking place, and a storage room. The location is wonderful, not easy to find in the Italian Riviera.

With the property, the buyers also acquire free shareware copyrights with our agency of all photos and internet pages presenting the property and the Italian Riviera. This will enbable buyers to use the internet to rent the home all year round, in periods in which they will not need it. There is a great demand both to buy and rent houses in the Riviera, and only this makes it a good investment. In fact, you will be able to rent it making profit when you will be not using it. This property is very requested. 

If you want to enquire about the sale, please write to:

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