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- The ones you will always regret having missed -

- Albenga: "Vecchio Mulino"
- Finale Ligure: "Osteria Castel Gavone"

Vecchio Mulino

We would have never imagined to find in the Italian Riviera one of the best Italian restaurants and Pizzerias.

Tucked in the most intriguing historical centre of Albenga (click here to see its page with photos), in Via Torlaro 13, the "Vecchio Mulino" (Old windmill) is the coziest restaurant you could find, and above all, one of the best Italian Pizzerias ever.
You will find that with Chef Giovanni Immordino pizza becomes a form of art. The old fashioned "Maestro" knows all the hard-earned secrets: the dough is patiently and sensously prepared, and let rise aside. The ingredients are all natural, the wooden oven crackles cheerfully. The pizza is not too thin nor too high, the bread smell only deserves the trip and will make you faint with pleasure.
If you will survive the culinary overload, you will find out that also the other dishes are just as great. Fuming and irresistible pastas, very rich salads, mediterranean hoursd'oeuvre, fine and varied second courses.

The "Vecchio Mulino", outside.

The "Vecchio Mulino", outside.

Also Ligurian dishes are prepared, with their delicate balance of mediterranean vegetables and herbs. All the dishes are prepared with care, and come with a very generous quantity.

Vecchio Mulino, inside. Chef Giovanni, embracing Gianni and Valentina

Vecchio Mulino, inside. Chef Giovanni with
Gianni and Valentina

Vecchio Mulino: the staff.

Vecchio Mulino: the staff. Chef Giovanni Immordino,
his wife Bruna, assistants Valentina and Gianni.

What makes the place so special is also the atmosphere. You will have the impression of visiting old friends. Giovanni and the others are very friendly. Their optimistic nature and their care for guests will make you feel at home. "A bottle of red... a bottle of white...", echoes of Billy Joel's song "Italian restaurant" will come to your mind, and you will think that he must have composed it here.
The bill? Peanuts, for the quality and quantity given. A pizza meal, complete with pizza, drink and ice cream or dessert will cost you around 18,000-20,000 Ital. Lira (app. 9 US$ or 10 Euros). A complete meal with first and second course, side dish, dessert fruit etc. will cost you around 30-40,000 Ital. Lira (app. 14-19 US$ or 15-21 Euros). One more reason not to miss the place. The address is Via Torlaro 13 Albenga. Tel. 018253632 if you want to reserve.
***Chef Giovanni was pleased to find this internet page, and promised us to offer you a free quality digestive liqueur if you mention him that you saw this page too. Needless to say, if you mention that you are Roman Homes customers he will pamper you.***

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Osteria Castel Gavone
near Finale Ligure

The restaurant is perched on a hill, and from its tables placed in a roof garden there are most inspiring views. While eating under the shade of some century old olive tree, the terraces of olive groves gently going downhill, the little villages perched on hills, and at the horizon the hypnotic blu of the Riviera sea will appear. The fresh, balsamic air will sooth you, and the delicate white wine of the house will make your appetite grow.

Right: the restaurant card

Right: the restaurant card

This is not the only special feature of the restaurant. Chef Teresa is an artist in preparing old-fashioned Ligurian recipes. They are renowned for the balance of many ingredients each with a very delicate taste and scent. These recipes are nearly disappering nowadays. The fragrance and the irrestistible taste of Teresa's dishes are unique, and hard to describe.

Castel Gavone, map.

Castel Gavone, map.


You will find here bread as it was prepared a century ago (only its smell will make you salivate), the light, aromatic original Ligurian oil, all the Ligurian herbs (thyme, marjorie etc). The pastas are hand-made according to the ancient technique, the sauces are made just for you, the tarts, side dishes, and even the desserts are hand made according to the old Ligurian cuisine, one of the most sophisticated, imaginative and tasty of the Mediterranean. It is not an economic restaurant, for the intrinsic way dishes are prepared, yet it is not expensive either. Expect to pay around 50,000 Ital. Lira for a full meal (app. 26 US$ or Euros).

This restaurant is easy to find, but after the meal you will wonder why you didn't know about it before. From Finale Ligure (dark spot in the bottom right corner of the map) head towards the autostrada dei Fiori (the motorway of the Riviera - left in the map). After about 1.5 kilometer or 1 mile, turn right for "Final Borgo". After 50 meters you will see the ancient gate of the walls of "Final Borgo". Don't enter the gate, but turn left in front of it, with direction "Perti". After about 800 mts., turn right and follow the signs for Castel Gavone (the old castle on top of Finale Ligure, visible from everywhere). After the many curves in the countryside you will reach Castel Gavone, where you will find the Castle, just a few homes, and the restaurant at the right (there is a gentle old fashioned stair bringing to it). The telephone n. (for reservations) is 019692277.

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