Mare Monti Resort
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The Mare Monti (Sea-Mounts) resort is located between Alassio and Albenga, but nearer to Albenga. It is in a very panoramic position, with the sea and the Gallinara island in front.

The Mare Monti is also a camping, and a tourist resort. The complex includes in fact a tennis court, and a grocery store.

The resort is made of many little apartments, categorized as A, B1 and B2.

The Mare Monti resort

Mare Monti resort: the apartment compound


Apartments A are studios, and can accommodate two persons.
Apartments B1 are one bedroom, with a sitting room/dining room area with a double sofa bed, and can accommodate 4 persons.
Apartments B2 are one larger one bedrooms with a double sofa bed in the sitting room, and another in the bedroom, and can accommodate up to 6 persons.

All the apartments include a kitchinette and colour TV.

Prices and the season timetable will be published shortly.

Sitting room area, with balcony

Sitting room area, with balcony


Dining room area

Dining room area



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