Italian Riviera

Also called Riviera dei Fiori (Flowers Riviere), or Ponente, it is in Liguria.

The marvellous sea, the climate, the enchanting atmospheres, the perfumes, the flavours that one can savour are already famous all over the world. The still uncontaminated hinterland yet is known only by a few. You can find medieval villages, ancient crafts that still exist, a thriving natural environment, little churches and villages perched on green hills sloping down to the sea amidst incredible panoramic views.

South-West Europe, the Tirrenean Sea

The Genoa gulf, with the French Riviere (Côte d'Azur, left) and the Italian Riviera (right)

The western part of the Italian Riviera is called Riviera dei Fiori (Riviere of Flowers) or Riviera di Ponente.

The section of the Riviera dei Fiori comprising Alassio, Albenga, Andora, Ceriale, Laigueglia (and other villages forming the Comunita' Montana Ingauna) is called Riviera delle Palme (Riviere of Palms, for the water front of the sea resorts lined with palms) or Baie del Sole (Bays of Sunshine, so named for its extraordinary climate).


Drawing of the section of the Riviera dei Fiori with Andora, Laigueglia, Alassio and Albenga. It is also called Riviera delle Palme (Riviere of Palms) or Baie del Sole (Sunshine Bays).
Capomele is the cape between Andora and Laigueglia. For its panoramic view of the entire Riviera dei Fiori it was used since the Genoa Republic in the Middle Ages as a watchpoint.

The Pinamare residential resort is between the ridge of the cape and Andora. Click here if you want to go to the presentation with many photos of Capomele and Pinamare.

During summer you can enjoy countless many tourist facilities. During low season however (re-named the Alternate Season) the Baie del Sole, at just a few hours' distance from the main cities of northern Italy and of middle-Europe, offer warm sun, pure air, unspoilt countryside, a romantic atmosphere and relaxation.
It is possible to broaden the cultural perspective for the countless interesting and inspiring sights and places.
In addition, the Baie del Sole provide gastronomic entertainment (numerous events and shows take place throughout the year) and the possibility of practising all sorts of sports, from sailing to golf, tennis and rock-climbing.
The Baie del Sole are easy to reach by train, motorway, plane (Villanova Airport) and sea, (both Alassio and Andora have efficient tourist ports).                            
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Useful links in the www:
By far the best site about the Riviera delle Palme / Baie del Sole. It comes also in English, French and German. The drawing of this section is courtesy of this site.
It should become a very complete site on Andora, yet it is still under construction. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the webcam they have showing how the weather is like real time in Andora's tourist port.

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