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As mentioned, the Riviera is famous for its beatiful seaside, the fine weather all year round, the flowers and the flavours. The still uncontaminated hinterland yet is known only by a few. One can find medieval villages where ancient crafts, traditions and recipes still exist, an unbelievably thriving natural environment, greener than you could imagine, little churches and villages perched on hills sloping down to the sea amidst incredible panoramic views.
This page is meant just to remind you of this surprisingly pleasant reality. There are beautiful places like Triora, Stellanello, Bardino, Bussana, Taggia, and many others. Since historical times they are confederate, forming the "Mountain Community" (Comunita' Montane), to help  and protect each other.

Triora for ex., in the Valle Argentina is a place where from you have stunning views of the valley and of the Maritime Alps. It is often amidsts clouds, and there are legends that witches lived here. In fact, there is also a Museum of Popular Traditions, with a section dedicated to the witches. There are little winding streets where you find craftsmen, little churches and sanctuaries. You can breath here the freshest and uncontaminated air you could think of, and buy the famous wooden oven Triora bread.

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Triora (*)


"Carrugio", a typical street in the villages

"Carrugio", a typical street in the villages (**)

Molini di Triora: fruitshop

Molini di Triora: fruitshop (*)

The villages of the hinterland will introduce you to a forgotten world, with its charactfull streets, its lively yet soft colours, crafts and flavours that you thought didn't exist anymore. It is also very quiet. For all these reasons it is a very inspiring place, not only for its breathtaking views of its natural beauty.

Photos (*) are courtesy of: http://www.bussana.com/surf.to/index.htm
Visit this site, very informative and colourful, supplying information and photos about the Riviera hinterland, and the Montain Community.

Photo (**) is courtesy of Kina Italia, Milan.

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