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Postage fees
Mail Boxes


Postage fares depend on the destination country, on the type of item to be dispatched, and on weight.  A postcard to the United States for ex. will cost you 800 Ital. lira (45 cents) and a letter 1,050 Ital. lira (app. 0,63 cents). Postcards or letters to the European Union countries cost just as internal Italian fares. Sending a post card would cost you 700 Italian Lira, and a letter 900 Ital. Lira.
A registered letter will cost you a fee of 5,000 Ital. Lira more. You can only post registered letters in post offices, and it will cost you 5,000 Ital. lira more then the above mentioned fare. Insured letters cost 10,000 Ital. Lira more. The latter are internal Italian fares, for foreign countries the cost changes with the country, you should enquire at the post office.

To post letters and postcards you will find letter boxes in every quarter or block, and particularly in train stations and out of post offices. For any destination other than Rome, use the "Per tutte le altre destinazioni" (for all other destinations) slot.


It is not a good idea to dispatch parcels back home with goods you bought in Italy, or with your personal belongings just to travel light. The Italian postal fares and regulations are complicated, you will find it hard to prepare the parcel according to the regulations they provide. Last but not least it is rather expensive, especially to the US, Canada and Australia. Private forwarding companies have more flexible regulations and offer a faster service, but they are not a good solution too as they are expensive.

Mail Boxes 

If you need to rent a mail box, it is next to impossible in a public post office. In fact they are so cheap and on the other hand very requested, and so you have to wait on a list. You must also provide references, or an official reason, to the post office managers to have one.
A solution can be "Mail Boxes", in Via dei Mille, 36/38/40  (very near Termini station). You can rent a mailbox (of various size). The attentive shop owner provides an attentive photocopying and fax service, storing incoming faxes with care. In this shop you can also send or receive money through the Western Union with fast delivery (the service is called "Moneygram").

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