Piazza Navona (Vicolo della Cancelleria) "Michelangelo": elegant two bedroom (double / triple) apartment with large sitting/dining room and patio. Two bathrooms.
It accommodates up to eight persons. The apt. is 150 sqm. (1,550 sqft.) large.

Telephone, large Sony colour TV with satellite dish, Hi-Fi stereo, washing machine with drier, air conditioning,
iron, iron board, dishwasher, security safe, heating, hair drier, microwave, oven with griller.


Quarter presentation

Rome Piazza Navona quarter


The "vicolo" (little street) della Cancelleria is adjacent Piazza Navona, on the way to Piazza Campo de' Fiori. Photo (a) shows the Palazzo della Cancelleria (Chancellery Palace of the Kingdom of the Popes), and behind it the dome of the Church of Sant'Agnese, by F. Borromini, in Piazza Navona. The Vicolo is between the two. The palace of the apt. is the one at the left, and the apartment is the last at the first floor (2nd floor in the USA).
As mentioned also in the quarter presentation (see above), there is a myriad of characteristic restaurants, wineries, street markets etc. And of course you will find art, history, monuments, churches, characteristic little streets and piazzas, palazzi, fountains, institutions etc. that could fill a book if described even concisely.

Palazzo della Cancelleria

Palazzo della Cancelleria

Navona - Vicolo della Cancelleria

Vicolo della Cancelleria

The palace is original of the 15th century, as engravings on marble slabs prove. The apartment has an independent entrance, a find in Rome (no neighbours to share the door, the walls etc.). The apartment is 150 sq. metres (app. 1,600 sq. feet), and is at the first raised floor. It is quiet (not easy to find in Rome), because the little street is quiet, the walls are ancient and very thick, and finally because all the windows have double glazing (double glasses).

Foyer (a)

Foyer (a)

Foyer (b)

Foyer (b)

Foyer (c)

Foyer (c)

A flight of characteristic and ancient stairs lead from the front door to the ample foyer (lobby), which has the original ancient "cotto" floor, like all the apartment. Arriving at the foyer from the stairs, turning from left to right one can see  what is shown in photos a, b, c. In photo (a) to the left there one can see the mild stairs leading to the patio (photo below), and also the ones going to the second double bedroom. In photo (b) one can see the corridor leading to the master bodroom, and also the door with decorated glass leading to the kitchen. In photo (c) one can see an antique set of drawers with lamp and finally the entrance to the sitting room.

The very ample sitting-dining room alone is 48 sq. meters large (app. 500 sq. feet), and as mentioned has very high vault ceilings (4.5 meters high - app. 5 yards), with the original 16th century wooden beams. It also has the original cotto floor.
As you can see from the photos, the sitting room has two large windows and is bright.
It is so large, ample and high that we had to use special very wide angle lens to snap the photos (slightly distorting the edges).

(d) Sitting-dining room seen from its door

(d) Sitting-dining room seen from its door

The sitting room is so high and ample that on one side there is also a gallery corridor (which can be entered from the twin bedded room described below).
The sitting room includes: a very ample sitting room area with three sofas (! - only two are shown, the third, a double sofa bed was just added), armchairs, a wooden table including a bar, and where the 27 inches Sony colour TV with satellite dish can be found (to watch CNN and the major international channels). There is a dining table for eight (although six chairs are shown), a large antique 17th century cupboard, a desk, a trunk, all wooden.

(e) Sitting-dining room, opposite view

(e) Sitting-dining room, opposite view

One of the three sofas as mentioned is a sofa bed for one person (two if they are a couple), and another is large, for two persons. The room is also equipped with Hi-Fi stereo set (CD player, tuner, cassette player).

Kitchen - front view

(f) Kitchen - front view

(g) Kitchen (right) , seen from the sitting room

Kitchen, seen from the sitting room


There are two entrances to the kitchen. One is from the foyer, through a wooden door with fine colored glasses (photo a). The other is from the sitting room (photo b). It is ample and has all the appliances: washing machine which also dries, a dishwasher, microwave, and of course the fridge, the freezer, fires, oven, dishes, cutlery etc.

The bedrooms:

nav-mich-bedr-1-am10.jpg (22339 bytes)

(h) Double bedroom with king size bed

nav-mich-bedr-1-bm10.jpg (15643 bytes)

(i) Double bedroom, opposite view - right side

The master bedroom (photos h, i, l) with a king bed is furnished in a simple, yet fine style. To access the bedroom there is a corridor with a large built-in wardrobe. The bed rails, header and the chest of drawers are wooden.

 nav-mich-bedr-1-cm10.jpg (20510 bytes)

(l) Double bedroom, opposite view - left side


(m) Bathroom


In the photo (l), snapped on purpose aiming a little the camera high, one can see that the room has a large built-in closet, which is like a little room, with many drawers and a space to hang clothes etc. One can also see that even this room, like all the apt., has wooden high-vault ceilings.
In the corridor bringing to the room there is also the entrance to the sparkling bathroom (photo m), which has two sinks (to make the morning cleaning faster), a bathtub with also a hand-held shower (with shower curtains), a bidet. The master bedroom is equipped with a very efficient and silent air conditioner (you can see it in photo h).

The twin beds room is at the first raised floor. There are two beds, bedside tables, a crib (for guests needing it), a wardrobe, all wooden.
This room has wooden parquet and not the "cotto" floor. It also has an own bathroom, with shower box. The apartment has hence two bathrooms.

Twin bed bedroom (right)

nav-mich-bed2-a2m10.jpg (22670 bytes)  

Twin beds room


The entrance of the patio is from the foyer. It is 5 x 2.5 meters (5.5 x 2.75 yards). There is a table with chairs to dine "al fresco" (4-6 persons), or simply to sit and taste some fine Italian wine. In summer a sunshade parasol (umbrella) is supplied, allowing to have lunch (or to sit, read etc.) in day time.

Finally, let us remember that the apartment has a safe, a find which is very useful when traveling abroad. Naturally, the apartment has gas-run autonomous heating, with radiators in every room. The heating temperature of both hot water and radiators is electronically controlled by means of electronic sensors. In Summer as mentioned the apartment has perfectly working air conditioning.



The apartment can accommodate comfortably two-eight  persons.

The apartment is also equipped iron, iron board, hair drier, 27 inches Sony colour TV with satellite dish (to watch CNN, CBSB, Skynews etc), and, as mentioned, dishwasher, washing machine with dryer, microwave oven, and also traditional oven with griller. The sitting room also includes a Hi-Fi stereo set (CD player, tuner, cassette player).