Navona Campo de'Fiori: "VIVALDI", large deluxe apartment.
Three bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, ample kitchen, two bathrooms
accommodating up to 7 persons
Telephone, colour TV with satellite dish, air conditioning, washing machine,
autonomous heating, iron, iron board, coffe pots, kettle etc.


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A large deluxe apartment between Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Farnese is a dream of every Roman. The two piazzas couldn't be more different, yet combined together they have a unique character making it one of Rome's most cherished places. Many historical events happened here too, like the assassination of Julius Caesar, for example.  As mentioned in the quarter presentation (please click above), the Piazza hosts Rome's most famous morning market. It becomes a kaleidoscopic, always changing painting of vivid colours and lively people. In the afternoon it is a most enjoyable meeting place, and in the evening it hosts its guests by the restaurants and bars with its combination of art, joy of life, history, a friendly attitude, representing hence state-of-the-art Rome's peculiar character.

Piazza Campo dei Fiori

Piazza Campo dei Fiori


The palazzo dates back to the 15th century, and still bears the name of its founders. The apartment is at the second floor, and is about 155 sq. meters (1,600 sq. feet) large. It is dedicated to the great Italian composer "Vivaldi", who composed, among other things, the "Four seasons" which you are listening.  The apartment is quiet, also because of the double glazed windows.

The palazzo

The palazzo

The foyer (photos a, b) is unusually large for Rome's apartments. Although the quarter, like all Rome, is very safe, the door of the apartment is reinforced, as it made the wealthy proprietors more secure.


(a) Foyer

Foyer - opposite

(b) Foyer - opposite

The foyer, having its own window, has moquette, like all the apartment, a Persian carpet, fine paintings, two chairs. It introduces to the dining room. Photo (c) shows the dining room seen from the door at the end of the foyer (the one indicated in photo a).

Dining room

(c) Dining room

Dining room - opposite

(d) Dining room - opposite

The dining room is elegant and sober. It includes a large table for 6-8 persons, a trolley, fine lamps and paintings. The room has its own window (covered by a curtain in photo d, behind the table). The room has two doors, bringing to the sitting room (photo c, left door) and to the kitchen (photo c, right door).

 Sitting room

(e) Sitting room

Sitting room, opposite view

(f) Sitting room, opposite view

The sitting room (photos e, f) is large and elegant. Like most of the rooms, it has very high wooden beam ceiling (the ceilings are more than 4 meters high (i.e. more than 4.4 yards). The windows overlook Via dei Baullari, the street between Piazza Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Farnese. The joyful people walking between the two piazzas can be seen, and looking on both sides one can see parts of the two piazzas, including the Palazzo Farnese. The sitting room has another door, leading to the two main bedrooms, to increase the level of comfort, and also the available space of the apartment. The room includes a large Persian carpet, two sofas, a table, a colour TV with satellite dish to watch CNN and the major international programs, fine large paintings and lamps.

Bedroom, seen from the sitting room door

(g) Bedroom, seen from the sitting room door

Bedroom, seen from the second bedroom (sitting room in the background)

(h) Bedroom, seen from the second bedroom (sitting room in the background)

Bedroom, seen from the door

(i) Bedroom, seen from the door
bringing to the kitchen

The photo (g) shows the double bedroom seen from the sitting room door. The spacious room has also another door though, bringing to the kitchen (it can be seen indistinctly in photo h), and from there to the bathroom section, so the ones sleeping in this room do not have to disturb the ones staying in the sitting room or in the other multiple bedroom to go to the bathrooms section. The room has again its own window facing Via dei Baullari and high wooden beam ceilings. It includes two twin beds with their bedside table and lamp, a large Persian carpet, an armchair, fine paintings. Large wardrobes can be found in the corridor bathroom section, very near.

Second bedroom, seen from the door

(k) Second bedroom, seen from the door


Second bedroom, front view from the window.

(l) Second bedroom, front view from the window.
View of the gallery room (loft), with king size bedroom

Photo (k) shows the multiple bedroom from the double bedroom door. This room (having as usual its own window facing Via dei Baullari) and high wooden beam ceilings) has a spacious gallery room (loft) with king size bed and bedside tables with lamps. To reach the gallery room there is a comfortable wooden staircase with two flights (and not a ladder as it usually occurs). The lower part has two twin beds, their bedside tables, a large Persian carpet, an armchair. The room has another door bringing to the bathrooms section, where in the corridor there are many spacious wardrobes.

The single bedroom (photo m) is small. It has its own window, two doors, and fine wallpaper.
It has either a crib bed or a foldable bed depending on the guests request (it must be clarified in the reservation process). There is also a bedside table with lamp.
This room has two doors, as mentioned (not shown in the photo, one can be seen though in photo p, at the end of the corridor of the bathroom section. One door brings to the bathrooms section, where drawers and wardrobes can be found, the second to the kitchen. A drawback of this situation is that especially at night this room is a passage for the guests  staying in the double bedroom should they want to go to the bathrooms. This makes this room suitable especially for a baby or a child.

Single room

(m) Single room

The ample kitchen can be reached from three doors: from the dining room (photos c, o), from the double bedroom (photo h, n - of the two doors in the left corner it the one at the left), and from the single bedroom (photo n, right door in the left corner).


(n) Kitchen

Kitchen, opposite view

(o) Kitchen, opposite view

The kitchen has also two windows with Venetian curtains, and has modular units of fine design. It includes the fires, oven, table, fridge/freezer, cupboards and drawers, stools. It also includes many pots, pans, cutlery, dishes etc.

Bathrooms section

(p) Bathrooms section: corridor

Campo-teresa-bath-m10.jpg (39788 bytes)

(q) First bathroom

Second bathroom

(r) Second bathroom

The bathrooms section (photos p, q, r) is large. In Rome's centre many small one bedroom apartments for rent have this
size (!). There are two doors bringing it to it. One comes from the single bedroom (photo p, in the background), the other from the multiple bedroom (photo l, above). It is made of a corridor, and of two sparkling bathrooms. The corridor includes many wardrobes, also with drawers, which the guests of the bedrooms can use. The first bathroom (photo q), with fine green pastel tiles includes a very large plane with an ample sink and a large mirror, the bidet, water closet, bathtub with hand-held shower, two built-in shelves (each with 3 shelves), and the washing machine. The second bathroom (photo r), with delicate lobster pastel tiles, is just a little smaller, and has a masonry shower box (i.e. with walls).


The apartment is endowed with telephone (to connect to the internet), colour TV with satellite dish to watch CNN and the major international channels, washing machine, air conditioning, iron, iron board, coffee pot, kettle.