Navona - Campo de' Fiori: "Marco Polo", a one bedroom, sitting room attic with large roofgarden
with spectacular views of all Rome, accommodating up to three persons
Telephone, colour TV, air conditioning, washing machine, dishwasher, autonomous heating


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You are thinking about coming to Rome and have an apartment near all the sites? Why not an attic where from you can SEE THEM ALL!  Welcome to a corner of Paradise! Up there, amids the skies and clouds of Rome, you truly can embrace the Eternal City. The aparment is dedicated to the great Italian explorer Marco Polo.  This attic is so beautiful and with so many aspects that we prepared two pages for it:

(a) the roof garden with view of all Rome  (click on the photo) campo-giada-ter-2churches-co3-m10.jpg (23532 bytes)  b)  the attic
   (this page) 
 Welcome to a corner of paradise!

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campo-giada-sitt-left-c-m10.jpg (28874 bytes)

(a) Sitting room

campo-giada-sitt-right-m10.jpg (23271 bytes)

(b) Sitting room - right aspect

The attic is 65 square meters (app. 670 sq. feet), and is at the 5th floor without elevator, as it is typical of highly historical and central areas (it is the little price you have to pay to reach this corner of paradise).

The attic is very elegant, handsomely furnished and equipped. In photos (a, b, c) you can see the highly panoramic sitting room, as seen from the door of the sitting room (a-left, b-right), and the opposite view from the window bringing to the roof garden. There are two sofas (one is a sofa bed), a table with chairs, bookshelves, side tables, a fine Persian carpet, fine lamps and paintings. There is also a large built-in closets, whose doors has mirrors (photo c). In photos (b, c) you can see the air conditioning.

Right: (c) Sitting room - opposite view, from the windows

campo-giada-sitt-opp-m10.jpg (26037 bytes)

From the sitting room there are stunning views of Rome, and in particular of the domes of the churches.

(d) view while sitting on the sofa

(d) view while sitting on the sofa

(e) view from the door bringing to the sitting room (same perspective as photo a)

(e) view from the door bringing to the sitting room
(same perspective as photo a)

The view of photo (d) is what you can see while sitting on the sofa, the dome of the church of San Carlo ai Catinari. From the same window, while entering the sitting room, one can see instead the dome of the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle (photo e).


From the same window, when you enter the sitting room, you can see though the dome of Sant'Andrea della Valle (photo e). When you sit at the desk you see again the dome of San Carlo ai Catinari (photo f).

(f) view while sitting at the desk

(f) view while sitting at the desk

Also the bedroom is elegant and panoramic.

(g) Double bedroom

(g) Double bedroom

(h) double bedroom, opposite view

(h) double bedroom, opposite view


In photo (g) you can see the double bed. The door is one of the two doors to the kitchen. In the opposite photo (h) you can see the window-door bringing to the terrace. Through it you can see the same panoramic view of the terrace, and in particular of the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle. Normally from the perspective of photo (h) you can see the domes of the church, and this does not happen because the photo was taken against the light. Yet opening the window we were able to snap the photo (i).

(i) view from the bed

(i) view from the bed

The kitchen is well equipped and furnished.

Kitchen: from its door

(l) Kitchen: from its door


There are fires, fridge, oven, washing machine, cupboards. And of course cutlery, dishes, pots etc. Even the kitchen is panoramic...and from its windows you can see the dome of St. Peter.

From its second door

(m) From its second door


The foyer


In these photos you can see the foyer of the apartment, after the front door, and the main corridor just after it, leading to the other rooms. As you can see, they are well decorated, with carpets and paintings. They are also very bright.


left: (n) The foyer

right (o) The main corridor of the apartment

The main corridor of the apartment


Bathroom, front view

(p) Bathroom, front view

The bathroom is spotless and immaculate. Its walls are decorated with fine tiles. It has a very efficient shower.

campo-giada-bathr-2-m10.jpg (18526 bytes)

(q) Bathroom, side view

The apartment has autonomous heating, colour TV, telephone, washing machine, air conditioning.

This apartment is rented only to careful and considerate tenants, please.

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Large, elegant most panoramic one bedroom apartment, it can accommodate 2 persons
ALL INCLUSIVE weekly price for 2 persons. Supplement of 200,000 ITL for every person more (the apt. is suited for 2 persons, the presence of a 3rd should be agreed with the proprietors).

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