Piazza Navona (Vicolo Savelli) "Bramante": elegant one bedroom apartment
with sitting/dining room, studio room, and loft.

Ideal for 2, it accommodates comfortably four persons. 
Telephone, colour TV, washing machine, air conditioning, iron, iron board,
central heating, autonomous gas, Hi-Fi stereo, and satellite dish (from Jan. 2001).


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Piazza Navona quarter


The "vicolo" (little street) Savelli is immediately adjacent Piazza Navona, and also near Piazza Campo de' Fiori. It is a quiet street.
As mentioned also in the quarter presentation, in the quarter there is a myriad of characteristic restaurants, wineries, street markets etc. Of course you will find works of art, history, monuments, churches, characteristic little streets and piazzas, palazzi, fountains, institutions etc. that could fill a book if described even concisely. All most renowned Italian artists, including Bramante, Borromini, Bernini, Cortona and Michelangelo left their contribution of masterpieces in this quarter.

Cloister by Bramante

Cloister by Bramante

It is an apartment achieved from a little church (!), inside a 16th century palazzo, whose cloister was made by Bramante (!). You will have it in front of your front door. The cloister, like the entire palazzo, is extremely quiet.

The apartment is approximately 70 sqmt. (app. 710 sqft.), and is at the ground floor, immediately facing Bramante's cloister. As mentioned, it is absolutely quiet.
The entrance is followed by a foyer, which has quality and tasteful furniture. The entire apartment was tastefully designed, and the fittings are fine. As you can see, the apartment is endowed with the original 16th century "cotto" floors.
Floor plan. Right part: groundfloor. Left part: first floor.

Floor plan. Right part: groundfloor.
Left part: first floor.


Entrance-foyer. It includes a roomy wardrobe, with towels, linen, tablecloth. It is covered  by a curtain (right) in the photo.


From the foyer one enters: the master bedroom (spiral stairs to the left), the kitchen (door to the left), the bathroom (door to the right, after the lamp), and finally the large sitting / dining room at its end.

The photo to the right shows the large sitting - dining room, as it appears at the end of the foyer.
The large space has high vault ceilings (5 meters high - 5.5 yards). The walls and the vault have fine and elegant lines. The dining area (also used to write and study) includes a large table for 6, and antique chairs. There are two sitting room areas. One includes an elegant early-century velvet sofa, with glass table (it is near the bookshelf). The sitting area to the right has another early century sofa, and three armchairs.

Sitting-dining room

Sitting-dining room

As you can see in this opposite view, fine lamps, a carpet, a shelf with a radio/cassette player, a little table for the telephone. The room is endowed with fine paintings.
The large space has three lower windows, and four higher windows.
This spacious room includes also two large built-in wardrobes (closets). Their doors have the same delicate pastel colour of the walls, and they cannot be easily singled-out in the photos. You can see their doors on both sides of the corridor bringing to the foyer, in the right photo.

Sitting room: opposite view

Sitting room: opposite view

The large sitting room is divided in two sectors by a large, high, and long wooden antique library (photos above). The library thus creates two sectors.  In the first one there is the above mentioned sitting / dining room, in the second sector there is a very charming studio area (right photo).
The studio is endowed with a bed, a desk (in the near future a sofa will be placed in its place), two little tables with two fine lamps, fine paintings.


The bedrooms:

Studio area with bed

Studio area with bed

The master bedroom has a king-size bed. It was achieved from the high ceilings of the church, and it can be reached with a spiral stair (it can be seen in the first photo showing the foyer). The room has two windows, and also another window towards the sitting room (it is the one at the left).

bram-pnn-bed-da-m10.jpg (32542 byte)

Master bedroom

The room is endowed with the double bed, two bedside tables, a space two hang clothes, a shelf, two armchairs, a fine lamp, and a Persian carpet.  The colour TV is portable, and it can be also placed in the sitting room.The KITCHEN and the BATHROOM.

The fourth bed of the apartment can be found in the  loft. It can can be reached still with a spiral stairs from the studio (see the relevant photo above). The loft includes a single bed, a bedside table, a desk with lamp. The floors have moquette.


Comfortable to live in loft.




The kitchen (left) can be entered through the foyer. It is small, yet very efficient. It includes fires, oven, sink, a trolley, and also a cupboard (to the right, only its back can be seen), and a fridge/freezer (not shown in the photo, it is in the left side of the room). The kitchen is endowed with dishes, pots, cutlery, coffe machine (Italian) etc.

The bathroom (right) is very efficient. It includes a sink with large marble base, a wide mirror, a second mirror, a cupboard, toilet and bidet, a bathtub of normal size (it is to the right, and not shown in the photo), the gas-run heater. It includes also an efficient washing machine.




The apartment has central heating, with radiators in every room or space. In summer large fans and an air conditioner in the master bedroom are supplied. The master bedroom is the only needing some conditioning, as the rest of the flat is cool because of the very thick ancient walls.

The equipment includes: telephone (so you can hook to the internet), washing machine, colour TV (with satellite dish to watch CNN and the major international channels from the end of January 2001), fans, air conditioner in the master bedroom, iron, iron board, Hi-FI stereo set (CD player, tuner and tape deck), plus radio/tape deck in the master bedroom.


Piazza Navona (Vicolo Savelli) "Bramante": elegant one bedroom apartment
with sitting/dining room and loft.
  Ideal for 2-3, it accommodates up to four persons. 
ALL INCLUSIVE weekly price for 2 persons. Supplement of 300,000 ITL for every person more.

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Christmas - New year


    (a) 8 Jan.- March 4
(b) 15 Jul. - 16 Sept.
(c) 4 Nov. - 16 Dec.     

(a) April 1-15
(b1) March 4 - April 1
(b2) April 15 - Jul.15
(c) 16 Sept. - 4 Nov.

25 Nov. - 2 Dec.

Christmas 23-30 Dec.//
New Year 30 Dec.-Jan 8 2001


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