Colosseo-Monti (Via del Boschetto). A one bedroom apartment.

Colour TV, telephone, washing machine, AIR CONDITIONING, Hi-Fi stereo set, autonomous heating


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The Monti quarter



The apartment is located in Monti, one of Rome's most ancient quarters, between the Coliseum (Colosseo) and the Roman Forum, Nero's Domus Aurea, Trajan's Market, the Esquilino hill and the Basilica of St. Mary Major.
In the characteristic old streets (Via dei Serpenti, Via Panisperna) there are many little craftmen shops, grocery stores and restaurants. One can find here the unique Roman combination of history, art and pleasant life.

Via del Boschetto, in Summer

Via del Boschetto, in Summer

The apartment is 50 sq. mts. (appr. 520 sq. ft.) and is at the ground floor. The windows face on one side an internal courtyard with plants (photo shown below), and a quiet side street on the other side. The apartment is normally bright and quiet and has marble floor.

Entrance -foyer

Entrance -foyer

Corridor of the apartment - towards the sitting room

Corridor of the apartment - towards the sitting room

Corridor of the apartment - towards the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen

Corridor of the apartment - towards the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen

The foyer has antique furniture and a fine painting, and turns into a corridor where from there is access to the four spaces of which the flat is made of: the sitting room/dining room, the bedroom with king size bed, the kitchen and the bathroom.

The double bedroom is shown below in two opposite photos.

Double bedroom

Double bedroom - view from the door

Double bedroom - opposite view

Double bedroom - opposite view

The king size bed is comfortable. In the bed side tables one can find the a lamp, the telephone. Above it there are also bookshelves. The room has two windows (endowed with courtains), facing the very quiet street Via delle Frasche. The room has also an armchair, a table with colour TV.
In the opposite photo (right) you can see the large wardrobe, with many spaces, and a set of drawers. You can also see two doors, one going back to the main corridor of the apartment, while the second leads to the sitting room. You can also see near the ceiling the perfectly functional air conditioner, the best brand in commerce (Mitsubishi), for active refrigeration and dehumidification.

The little but cozy sitting /dining room (right) has a table with four chairs. There is also a sofa bed for one person, while a foldable bed (cot bed) can be added for a fourth person. Fine paintings, and an antique print showing Rome, and an armchair, complete the furniture.


                                                           Sitting /dining room (right)

  Sitting /dining room


The kitchen is ample enough to sit while having meals. It faces the internal courtyard, and it is bright and very quiet. It includes a large sink with on top a cupboard to place dishes and pots while they dry (a smart and typical Italian furniture); the table with two chairs (others can be brought from the other rooms), the fires, a large cupboard (right) with the necessary utensils (pot, pans etc.), a washing machine, and a shelf.





The bathroom has a small bathtub (so you can bath sitting) and a wall mounted/hand held shower. It has the normal features of a bathroom.


Photo (right): bathroom

monti3-bath-da-m10.jpg (30664 bytes)


The apartment has autonomous (central) heating, telephone, colour TV, washing machine, Hi-Fi stereo set (with CD player, cassette player, FM/AM tuner), and AIR CONDITIONING.

The apartment faces a quiet street (Via delle Frasche), and also a quiet secluded courtyard, shown on the right.

Secluded courtyard

Secluded courtyard


One bedroom apartment, can accommodate up to 3 persons
Weekly ALL INCLUSIVE price for 2 persons. For a third person, add supplement of 150,000 ITL.
It is *also* possible to supply a crib bed for infants below 2 years. The supplement is 100,000 ITL.    

PLEASE USE THE "CURRENCY CONVERTER" IN THE FRAME BELOW. S.v.p. utiliser le systeme pour convertir la monnaye au dessous.  If the frame is little and you cannot see the frame, please left-click on its superior line and drag it until it becomes larger.  

Mid-Low season


Special Holiday weeks

Christmas - New year


    (a) 8 Jan.- March 4
(b) 15 Jul. - 16 Sept.
(b) 4 Nov. - 16 Dec.     

(a)March 4 - April 15
(b) April 15 - Jul.15
(c) 16 Sept. - 23 Sept and 28th October-4 November
(d) 23 Sept - 28th October

25 Nov. - 2 Dec.

Christmas 23-30 Dec.//
New Year 30 Dec.-Jan 8 2001


(a) 1,580,000 Ital. Lira
(b) 1,700,000 Ital. Lira

(a) 1,600,000 ITL
(b) 1,800,000 ITL
(c) 1,800,000 ITL
(d)  2,000,000 ITL

1,800,000 ITL

2,350,000 ITL

Although we do our best to have stable prices, PLEASE CONSIDER THE PRICES ORIENTATIVE. Please *enquire* to double check.  There are discounts for stays longer than three, which apply especially for those staying more than one month (up to three months). Please enquire.     

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