Monti (Via Panisperna). "Borromini": elegant two bedrooms (one double, one triple), double sitting/dining room (with double sofa bed), two bathrooms apt. in an 18th cent. building, accommodating up to 7 persons
Telephone, answering machine, washing machine, colour TV with satellite aerial, Hi-Fi stereo set,computerized heating,
microwave oven, fans, AIR CONDITIONING, iron, iron board


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The Monti quarter


  Like its twin, this elegant apartment is at the first raised floor of an original eighteen century palace, located in the "Monti" characteristic quarter, where the architect and sculptor Bernini lived.

Via Panisperna in 1880

Via Panisperna in 1880


... and in 2000

... and in 2000

The palazzo

The palazzo

The pictures show Via (street) Panisperna in 1880 (something to expect from the "Eternal City"), in 2000, and finally the "palazzo" (palace) in the right photo. The palace is first to the left, with the arches in the ground floor, facing another palazzo completely covered with ivy (in the heart of Rome!).      

Also this apartment, like its twin, was restored and restyled personally with utmost attention to every detail by the proprietor, a hospitable, kind Doctor in Architecture, who is also an art decorator.

The hall of the palace is ample and with a nice frieze (click on the words to view its photo).

This impeccable apartment is 100 sq. meters (AP. 1050 sq. ft.) large. It is quiet, bright, and like its twin apartment it is at the first floor.



After the entrance one can find a foyer with fine original 18th century marble floors. A fine painting with an austere  King Umberto I of Savoy welcomes you. The foyer has two windows, and also a trunk where one can put objects and keys. As it was typical of the 18th century, the kitchen is immediately at the left. After the kitchen, turning to the left, there is the main corridor of the apartment (right photo)



The main corridor has the original marble floor. The first door at the right in this picture is the entrance to a little patio (3 x 2 meters, 10x7 feet), for fresh air. The second door to the left is of the master bedroom. At the end there is a fork. At the left there is a second corridor bringing to the second double/triple bedroom and its bathroom; to the right there is the door of the sitting / dining room.

Like its twin apartment, the elegant sitting room has the original 18th century sparkling "graniglia" marble floor (photos below).

The design and the beauty of the floor hardly reveal its antique origin.

The dining area has a large wooden table with 6 chairs, an armchair a quality desk with chairs where you can study, and two set of drawers (one is behind the table and cannot be seen well).
From the two windows the ivy-mantled facades of the Panisperna palaces can be seen.

Dining / sitting room: the dining area

Dining / sitting room: the dining area


The sitting area has a sofa (which can be used also as a double regular bed, with quality wooden slats base - not springs), armchairs, and two quality wooden tables. A large antique tapestry on the wall, lamps, fine paintings, and a mirror complete the furnitures.

Dining / sitting room: opposite view showing the sitting area

Dining / sitting room: opposite view showing the sitting area

The sitting room is endowed with telephone, Hi-Fi stereo with tuner, CD and double cassette player, and finally a large colour TV with satellite aerial to watch CNN and the major international channels. 

In the next photos you can see the elegant bedrooms.

The master bedroom has a large built-in wardrobe (its door was left open in the photo), its own sparkling bathroom with shower (right photo, its door was left open). Finally, as you can see in the next photo, it has its own patio, 2x3 meters large (2x3.1 yards) for fresh air.

Double bedroom

Double bedroom


The room has a king size bed, bedside tables with lamps, precious cherry tree wooden desk with an antique mirror, a Venetian set of drawers, and chairs.
Also in this room there are fine paintings and lamps.
The ceiling are very high, with stuccos and a chandelier. The floors are still of graniglia marble.

Double bedroom: opposite view

Double bedroom: opposite view


The second corridor and the second bedroom (a)

The second corridor and the second bedroom (a)

Second bedroom: closer view

Second bedroom: closer view (b)

Second bedroom: closer view with the double bed open

Second bedroom: closer view with the double bed open (c)

At the end of the first corridor described above, there is at the left a second corridor with two large built-in wooden wardrobes (photo a). At its end there is the second bedroom. It is a small yet fine and comfortable double-triple bedroom.
The fine wooden bed was made by a carpenter (a specialist artisan), and it is conceived two function both as single bed with comfortable sofa (b), or as bunk beds with the lower one being a double sofa bed (c). In this setting the room can accommodate hence two persons sleeping separately, or by a couple (possibly with their child in the single bed on top). The width of the double bed is 1mt. 40 cm (4 feet 8 inches), and so the couple must not be made of very big persons.
The beds are comfortable and the mattress good.
The room has also a fine antique table (it can be partially seen under the window), and a another built in wardrobe.
From the window the ivy-mantled palaces and the craftsmen shops of Via Panisperna can be seen.

The entrance to the second bathroom is at the beginning of the second corridor. It is sparkling and large, with bathtub and hand-held shower.

Up to 7 persons can sleep comfortably in the apartment. Possibly, another foldable bed can be added.

Kitchen seen from the door

Kitchen (top): seen from the door


The kitchen has still many elements of the 17th-18th century: the sink, the floors.

Nevertheless it has the normal modern appliances (fridge with freezer, fires, oven). It includes also a microwave oven. It is equipped with dishes, cutlery, pots, pans etc. It looks very nice and cozy.


Kitchen (right):  opposite view showing its window

Kitchen: opposite view


This photo shows the 17th century sink. The kitchen also has the original 17th century tiles.

The 17th century sink


The master bedroom bathroom

The two bathrooms of the apartment are sparkling. The one of the master bedroom (left) has a shower box. The one of the second double/triple bedroom has a bathtub. Both bathrooms, have a bidet, and Swedish-type heaters (with horizontal bars), so when one hangs on them the laundry it dries quickly.

Left: the master bedroom bathroom

Right: the second bedroom bathroom

The second bedroom bathroom

In the quarter there are many shops and grocery stores and so if you do not want to dine at the numerous restaurants around, you will enjoy cooking. In the restaurants you will find of course the Italian cuisine (with all its variants), but also that of other countries (French, Chinese, Japanese and even the best Indian restaurant in town). And there are also many "gelaterie" (ice cream cafes), bars, pastry shops, cozy old fashioned groceries stores, pubs, wineries for connoisseurs etc.

The apartment includes as mentioned a brand new washing machine, and a telephone (with answering machine). There is electronically controlled autonomous heating. In Summer 2 large turning fans and 3 portable air conditioners are supplied (one for each room). There is a 27 inch. brand new colour TV (with satellite aerial-dish to see CNN and major European channels). An iron with iron board is supplied. This apartment is equipped with a brand new stereo-HI-FI set, with CD player, tuner and cassette player.

Finally, let us remember that the palace has a large roof garden terrace (communal) where tenants not only can hang their clothes to dry, but also bask under the sun and dine out.



Terrace: opposite view

Terrace: opposite view

From the terrace there are marvelous views of the roofs of Rome, of the Coliseum (which is quite near), Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, Palatine, Aventine, and of course of the Monti quarter.


Monti (Via Panisperna). "Borromini": elegant two bedrooms (one double, one triple), double sitting/dining room (with double sofa bed), two bathrooms apt. in an 18th cent. building, accommodating up to 7 persons.

ALL INCLUSIVE weekly price for 2 persons. Supplement of 200,000 ITL for every person more.

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