Castelli Romani (Alban Hills): Monteporzio Catone, near Frascati,
20 km (12 miles) southeast of Rome.
Panoramic, elegant, and spacious four bedroom (3 double and 1 single) house
with large terrace, large garden and fruit orchard, accommodating up to 7 persons
Telephone, colour tv, washing machine, autonomous heating, stereo Hi-Fi, cot/crib bed

Since the ancient Roman times, the Alban Hills have been a premier resort area. During the Middle Ages eleven villages on the summits of this volcanic range became the fortified strongholds of patrician families fleeing the anarchy of  Rome, hence the name Castelli Romani (Roman Castles, or Alban hills in English).
It is a scenic area of great natural beauty, with olive groves and vineyards, woods and pastures, blessed with a temperate climate, a bright golden light, and a very balsamic air.
The villa is located in Monteporzio Catone, one of the Castelli. Rome can be easily reached from this villa through a highway and a motorway that are at the foot of the hill (which is 300 Mt. /900 ft. high). It takes about 40 minutes to the Spanish Steps. The house is conveniently situated for day trips to places of historical interest and scenic beauty, such as Villa D'Este, Hadrian's Villa, Ostia Antica, the Etruscan area. The Amalfi drive, Pompeii, Florence, and the Umbrian towns can be reached within three hours.           


External view

External view

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The villa has two entrances, and two foyers. The first (not shown in the photos) introduces to the hall with the stairs and the sitting room (photo a). The second (it can be seen indistintly at the right of photo a) brings to the kitchen, and to a little studio and to to the guests' bathroom at the ground floor.

Foyer, second part, and stairs

(a) Foyer, second part, and stairs


Sitting room

(b) Sitting room

Sitting room - opposite view

(c) Sitting room - opposite view

The sitting room has a long sofa, two rocking chairs, a table with chairs (it is near the windows), a very large fireplace, a colour TV, fine lamps and paintings. All furnitures are wooden. From the sitting room one can go to the very large terrace (click here to see it).

Dining room

(d) Dining room

The sitting room continues with a very comfortable dining room (d), including a long table for eight persons, a corner cupboard, a most elegant side cupboard, a trolley, a chandelier, fine paintings. The knick-knacks, like in all the apartment, are very fine and tasteful. They were purchased personally by the proprietors in their journeys around the world. From the windows of the sitting room, one can see the village of Montecompatri, as if it were a painting. Practically you have this view (click).

At the right of the sitting room, and behind the fireplace, there is the door bringing to the large kitchen.


(e) Kitchen

Kitchen - opposite view

(f) Kitchen - opposite view

Photo (e) shows what you see when entering from the dining room. The opposite photo was snapped from the door bringing to the second foyer (photo a). The kitchen is well equipped, with fires, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, separate freezer (apart from the one of the fridge), cupboards with pots, pans, dishes etc, and also other appliances (mixer, toaster, ice cream maker etc.).

Stairs and first floor landing

(g) Stairs and first floor landing


Through the wooden stairs (photo a,g) you reach the first floor, which is all in wooden parquet.
In photo (g) you can see the landing bringing to the sleeping quarters. It has bookshelves and paintings. There are three double bedrooms and one single bedroom.



(i) Bedroom

All bedrooms (photos i, l, m) have elegant wooden furnitures and fine fittings. All have wardrobes, bedside tables, set of drawers, chandeliers, paintings, and also a sink, so one does not have to go to the bathroom at night for a glass of water. Every bedroom has its own special features. One has a table, chairs and rocking chairs.


(l) Bedroom

The second one has a crib bed, and a precious 19th century set of drawers with mirror, and oriental decorations. The third double bedroom is just a little simpler, like the single bedroom.

Same bedroom - opposite view

(m) Same bedroom - opposite view


All the bedrooms though have a balcony. In fact, the entire house is surrounded by a balcony, where from you have panoramic views of Rome and of the surrounding Roman Castles. Click here to see the balcony. In the sleeping quarters there are two bathrooms, one with bathtub, and the second with shower box.

One of the two sparkling bathrooms

(n) One of the sparkling bathrooms

The house is equipped with telephone, colour tv, washing machine, dishwasher, two freezers, autonomous heating, stereo Hi-Fi, crib-bed for babies and infants.

The house has a warden who lives with his wife and child in a little separate annex of the property. The warden, a reliable person, works all year round as a gardener in the property. This service is included in the price. His wife works as a maid in the house, and this service (generally weekly) is included in the price for weekly rentals, but not for longer stays (in this case it is billed separately if it is required).



ALL INCLUSIVE weekly price for 2 persons. Supplement of 300,000 ITL for every person more.

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Special Holiday weeks

Christmas - New year


 1 Oct. 1999 - 31 Mar. 2000 

1Apr .- 1 Jul.
1Sept. - 1 Oct.

1 Jul. - 1 Sept.

25 Nov. - 2 Dec.

Chr.23-30 Dec.//
New Year
30 Dec.-Jan 8 2001






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