Grocery stores, markets

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Grocery stores ("alimentari")
Fruit and Vegetable Markets


Although in Rome there are thousands of supermarkets and malls, they are not in central areas. Here you find at the best some little supermarkets/large grocery stores. Sometimes not even that, and you have to look for the very few grocery stores. Pay attention though, they are in general more expensive than the ones you can find in semi-central areas. Grocery stores ("Alimentari") are also in general more expensive than supermarkets in Italy. They are generally open between 8.30 - 1.00 PM / and 4 PM - 7.30 PM everyday except Thursday afternoon and Sunday.
A good one in a highly central area is "FORNO", in Via delle Muratte just at its beginning near the Trevi Fountain. If you are in the Monti quarter, then you will find a little supermarket and a fruit and vegetable shop in Via del Boschetto, while old-fashioned grocery stores are in Via dei Serpenti.
If you are near Campo dei Fiori or in the Piazza Navona area, you can buy at the market below described, and also go to the grocery store of the Jewish Quarter, in Via Portico d'Ottavia.


They are lively and convenient. They are open during morning hours from Monday to Saturday.

Campo de' Fiori

It is the most famous and picturesque flower and vegetable market surrounded by the scenario of the characteristic square. It is also a bit expensive, like most things in the historical centre. Some stands are not expensive though, like the one of Annunziata.  She is also a very friendly woman, and we have become friends with her. If you will go to the market, it is worth visiting her stand. Tell her that you knew of her through the internet, and that you saw her photo. She will be pleased and will treat you. Her stand is at the end of the square near the Farnese Cinema.

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Annunziata's stand

If you want to get there you can take: buses 64 (from Termini Station), or 492 from the Termini or Via del Tritone  (between the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain), get off at Largo Argentina, then walk.

Trionfale Market
Near the Vatican Museums, this market in Via Andrea Doria is inexpensive. Metro A: Ottaviano.
Quite near to it is the market in Via delle Milizie, past the intersection with Viale Angelico (bus 490, 495, first stop after the intersection with Viale Angelico). You can also walk from the Vatican to both markets.

Piazza Vittorio
The most popular market among the Romans. Lively (hectic...), crowded, yet with many stalls offering a large variety of inexpensive food, and not only fruit and vegetables. Here you will find foodstuff and groceries from all over the world, as there are stands that are run by immigrants or selling food for immigrants.
Be careful though:
a) you will find that some stalls offer unbelievably cheap food. Be careful about their quality. Most of the times they are, but sometimes they are not. So maybe it is better that you buy goods at the stalls with higher prices (still cheap).
b) there can be pickpockets adn petty thives: be alert.
The market is 5 min. walk South of Termini. It is by the metro stop "Vittorio" of line A. The market encircles a park with an interesting Roman monument (Mario's Trophy, the castle of distribution to the town disctricts and homes of the water conveyed by the Roman aqueducts).
In the streets near the market you will find many cosy shops, particularly those selling international foodstuff. So if you are looking for peanut butter, pancakes, Maxwell coffee as well as "tahini", oriental or Mexican food etc. you will find them at "International Food" (Via Napoleone III at the beginning on the left from Piazza Vittorio) and "International Food Shop" (in Via Magazzini allo Statuto, 20 meters at the left beginning from Piazza Vittorio - a little family-run shop, yet with a very complete stock).
To get to the market you can take the metro line A (Vittorio stop, the first after Termini), or bus 71 from Piazza San Silvestro near the Spanush Steps (when the bus goes around the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore get off and then walk a bit).

Other Fruit and Vegetable Markets

You will find them nearly everywhere in Rome. The most known are:
-  Near the Pantheon: it is in Via degli Spagnoli (click here to see the photo),
-  Near the Spanish Steps: there is a rather classy one in Via Bocca Leone.
-  Near Piazza Navona you will find one in Via della Pace, beween Via Santa Maria dell'Anima and Piazza del Fico.
-  in Trastevere the most renowned is in Piazza San Cosimato (click here to see the aerial photo)

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