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Presentation of the neighborhood
Description of the housing unit

Presentation of the Neighborhood

All seasoned visitors to Rome know and love the Janiculum as Rome's eighth hill. From the early middle ages to today the area has been famous as the legendary location of Saint Peter's crucifixion, on a site today marked by Bramante's peerless Tempietto.

Monteverde Vecchio seen from the roofs of Trastevere

Monteverde Vecchio seen from the roofs of Trastevere (Piazza San Cosimato)

Janiculum and Garibadi statue seen from the roofs of Campo de' Fiori

Janiculum and Garibadi statue seen from the roofs of Campo de' Fiori

Situated not far from the basilica of Saint Peter's, and ovelooking Rome's trendy Trastevere district which is within easy walking distance, the Janiculum has remained throughout the ages an oasis of tranquility amidst the unrelenting confusion of Rome's historic core. It is in this oasis, in what is today a neighborhood populated by convents and institutions of higher leaning, such as the American University of Rome and the American Academy of Fine Arts, that the Domus Janicularis is located.
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The Domus is located close to many shops, and is within easy walking distance of no fewer than three open air vegetable markets. Some of the city's finest restaurants are located in this neighborhood, like Il Focolare, Il Cortile and Scarpone. For night life, Trastevere is just down the hill, at the end of the scenic Via Garibaldi. The area is perfectly connected to the city center, either by the 75 bus which leads directly up to Rome's central station, Stazione Termini, or the Number 8 tram which carries passengers within a few minutes to the city's busiest square, Largo di Torre Argentina. It is also within walking distance of one of Rome's major railway stations, the Stazione di Trastevere, which connects the traveler to the city's underground system, or to Rome's international airport, Leonardo Da Vinci, on direct trains which operate every twenty minutes.

The Janiculum ensures a quiet stay within easy walking distance of Rome's incomparably intense urban hubbub.

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Description of the Housing Unit

Domus Janicularis is operated by a not for profit cultural association called the Institute for Italian Culture and the Creative Arts. This association makes rooms available to guests from all over the world on long or short visits to Rome.

The long and elegant corridor of the Domus

Left: the long and elegant corridor of the Domus




Right: the bedroom facing the garden. Every room has a distinct character.

The bedroom facing the garden.

The Domus contains one triple room, two doubles and two singles. There is a large well-furnished common room for the use of the guests with colour TV, and a garden with orange trees and roses. There are three bathrooms, one with a shower and one with a bathtub. A kitchen is available for the use of the guests, as well as a washing machine. Each room is furnished differently from the next, and each has its own character.

A double bedroom, with twin beds

A double bedroom, with twin beds

Opposite view of the same room

Opposite view of the same room

All rooms are very quiet. The unit is located on the ground floor and there is no need for a lift. It is centrally heated.

The kitchen as seen from the corridor

The kitchen as seen from the corridor

Kitchen, opposite view, from the window

Opposite view, from the window, showing how bright it really is

The kitchen has all the utensils necessary for cooking and dining, and a gas operated stove. Guests are expected to do their own washing up if they use the kitchen, and they are all scrupulous in respecting this rule.

One of the three sparkling bathrooms

Left: one of the three sparkling bathrooms. Cleanliness is highly considered at Domus Janiculum.




Right: the garden (150 sq. meters, app. 1,550 sq. feet). It will be soon equipped with tables and chairs to study or dine "al fresco".

The large garden

There is a telephone for local calls only, although the phone can access ATT and similar numbers for long distance calls by card-holders. Professional cleaning is twice a week, and for guests on a longer stay sheets and towels are changed weekly.


The rooms are rented preferably on a weekly/short let basis.
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Weekly Rates:

single room: 500,000 Lit.
(app. 265 US$).

double room: 750,000 Lit.
(app. 400 US$).

triple room: 1,000,000 Lit.
(app. 530 US$).

Short let rates:

one month single room: 1,500,000 Lit. (app. 800 US$).

one month double room: 2,000,000 Lit. (app. 1,060 US$).

one month triple room 2,500,000 Lit.
(app. 1,330 US$).

In some cases rooms can be rented by the night.

Daily rates:

one night single room: 90,000 Lit.
(app. 48 US$).

one night double room: 130,000 Lit.
(app. 69 US$).

one night triple room 160,000 Lit.
(app. 85 US$)

Cleaning of the accommodation at arrival and departure is included. Linen, towels, blankets etc. are also provided.

Rates include the agency commission.

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