Via della Croce

Chic, cozy... best suited for Dolce Vita (joy of living)

 Madames shopping

Seen towards Piazza di Spagna  -   Madames shopping

People asked to sign a petition

Seen from Piazza di Spagna
People asked to sign a petition (blue table on the right)

Of the very few streets irradiating from Piazza di Spagna (the square with the Spanish Steps), Via della Croce is perhaps the livliest, yet it is very quiet too. The photos you are looking where snapped in January, Rome's coldest month. As you can see, people can't help enjoying themselves outdoors. In the street you find fine grocery stores (absent in the other streets around the Steps), and - on the other end - a vegetable market at the corner with Via Bocca di Leone (Lion Mouth Street).

Via Bocca di Leone market

Via Bocca di Leone market

The Austrian restaurant

The Austrian restaurant

There are many typical Italian restaurants, which between March and late October have their tables outside. Just for a change, we published the photo of an Austrian restaurant, very cozy inside. Truly Salzburg, with all its Baroque churches and monuments made by Italian architects resembles Rome in summer. Rome reciprocates in winter with its inspiring and  classy atmosphere. There are many similarities between the two cultures, another proof about Rome's universal role,
as it is the mother of most European towns.

D'Angelo cafe and pastry shop

D'Angelo cafe and pastry shop


Naturally it will not take long before you remember that you are in Rome. Via della Croce, with its lively and imaginative atmosphere, the irresistible smells of restaurants and pastry shops (like D'Angelo's), its fine boutiques, and its varied, cosmopolitan people will make you remember that you are in the heart of the Eternal city.

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