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Photo (a) Alassio seen from Capomele

(a) Alassio seen from Capomele

Alassio seen from the opposite Albenga cape

(b) Alassio seen from the opposite Albenga cape

Alassio is nested between two capes, Capomele and Albenga. Photos (a,b,) show the little town seen from both capes.
Like all the villages of the Riviera, it was an ancient Roman settlement along the consular road Aurelia.

Alassio's port at Albenga cape.

(c)  Alassio's port at Albenga cape.

The Gallinara island

(d)  The Gallinara island

One side of the Albenga cape hosts also the tourist port, with many yachts all year round. The photos (a-d) you are looking were snapped in January 1-4 (!), yet as you can see it looks summer! The attractive Gallinara island is between Alassio and Albenga. It is has this curious name as it hosted chickens (Italian: galline). It actually has the shape of a snail, and it has presently wery few homes, as it is a environmental protected area.

Via Roma and the beachfront.

(d)  Via Roma and the beachfront (*)

Il "Muretto"

(e)  The "Muretto" (**)

Alassio is very elegant little town, and in fact it is an international tourist resort. It is famous for its chic streets (like Via Roma, or the "Budello" - the Gut, because it is narrow -), elegant hotels and fine cafes. It also has a famous "Lungomare" (beachfront) with palm trees, and of course very nice beaches.
Also the "Muretto" (the little wall) is famous. It is a street facing a park in which there is a little brick wall with signatures or citations of celebrities. Like in Andora, there are many events and shows all year round, but especially in summer. Among the most famous: the International Piano contest (August), and the election of the Miss Muretto, i.e. of the most beautiful girl of summer. Although recently the Italian Northern Separatist League (simply known as "Lega Nord" or the "Lega") won the local administrative elections, and they even attempted to changhe the name using the old local dialect (according to which it should be called "Arasce"), the Alassini (the people of Alassio) are very friendly and hospitable.

Photo (*) is courtesy of Rotalsele Milano, and (**) of Casa delle Cartoline Sanremo.

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